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Starting a walk part-way round

A question we often get asked is whether it's possible to start a circular walk from a location part-way round the route with the app.

The answer is yes.

When you first reach a direction point on the route, the app will offer to navigate from here. You can then follow the walk until you reach what is normally the end of the route.

Once you reach the normal end of the walk, make your way to direction 1 and the app should detect that you didn't start at the beginning and offer to restart the walk from direction 1.

When you reach the point where you started the walk, the app should ask you if you want to end the walk here and mark it as completed.  

The app will compute stats such as distance and time remaining to the end of the walk based on where you joined the walk, so these should be meaningful even if you don't begin from the normal start point.

Advanced: bypassing direction 1

When you've started a walk part-way around, the app uses direction 1 to realise that you've reached what's normally the start of the walk and therefore needs to restart the walk from the beginning.  

For some routes, direction 1 is located on a "there-and-back" from the car park to the circular part of the route, so walking to the car park and back when you've started the route from part-way around is a bit contrived - you'll likely want to bypass direction 1 in this case.  There are also other cases where a shortcut may miss direction 1.

The important thing to note is that if you never pass through direction 1, the app will never automatically restart the walk so instead you'll need to tell it manually which direction number to start navigating from.  There are 2 ways to do that:
  • On the directions screen next to a direction, there is a little hamburger menu (☰), select that and then "start from here".
  • On the map screen, you can tap on the little numbered circle, which displays the direction text with a little hamburger menu (☰) in the corner, tap on the menu and then it's the same as above.
Note that when you manually start navigation from a particular direction, the distance and time remaining to the end of the walk won't be meaningful as they'll be reset when you do that.