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Starting a walk part-way round

A question we often get asked is whether it's possible to start a walk from a location part-way round the route with the app.

The answer is yes but with the couple of things to keep in mind: 
  • you need to remember where to finish
  • the distance/time to end stats won't be meaningful.
When you first reach a direction point on the route, the app will offer to navigate from here. You can then follow the walk until you reach what is normally the end of the route.

Once you reach the normal end of the walk, make your way to direction 1 and the app should detect that you didn't start at the beginning and offer to restart the walk from direction 1.

Note that the app doesn't really understand where you are planning to finish the walk as it thinks of a walk as a linear thing with a predefined start and end, not circular.  It's actually right about this: the walk isn't truly a circle as the wording of the directions doesn't seamlessly link up between the last direction and direction 1 but with a bit of common sense, that can be overcome.

But it's worth understanding that what's going on here is a bit of a "hack" to more easily restart the walk for you and nothing more clever than that.

Most importantly, once the app restarts from direction 1, the distance and estimated time remaining won't be useful to you as the app calculates these assuming you will finish at the normal end location.

In the future we're hoping to make the app more clever so it can interpret the route in a different way and calculate the stats from where you started rather than the normal start+end but that involves a LOT of maths so we're gradually chipping away at it behind the scenes.