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Snapping photos on a walk

If you see something on your walk and want to snap a quick photo, rather than firing up the phone's camera app, within the iWalk app you can simply tap on "..." and then "Camera" to take a quick photo.

This uses functionality built into iOS and Android but it's worth noting that for some unfathomable reason, Apple and Google have chosen to make this work very slightly differently to the camera app that they also supply on the phone, bless them.

On iPhones, you need to press "Use Photo" after you have taken your photo:


On Android, you need to press "OK" or the tick icon, depending on your phone - some form of confirmation anyway!  NB. If you press the phone's back button, the photo will NOT be saved!!!

Note that on old versions of Android (5 and below) the photos are stored in a subfolder within the gallery.