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More short circular walks

To add to the shorter and easier walks list already in the app, we've also started collecting an additional list of short-cuttable walks (just over 50 so far) that can either: 

  • be cut down from their normal length into a shorter circular walk
  • be split into 2 separate shorter circular walks
As well as providing lots more 2 and 3 mile walks, these also include some 1-2 mile walks that are even shorter than our shortest full walks.  

The list includes some information on where to split or cut down each walk where it's not obvious.  We'll gradually add more walks to the list as we spot more opportunities.

Below are some tips for shortcutting using the app...

Ignore off-route app warnings whilst shortcutting

One of the features of the app is that when you depart from the (normal) route, it will warn you.  It doesn't know about the shortcuts you will be taking in these cases so it will warn you once you depart the main route.  Since you know what you're doing, you can just dismiss the warning.  It will keep tracking your location on the map.

Jumping to a higher direction number

This will be the case if you're cutting a walk short but starting from the normal start point.  It is the easiest case as the app will handle most of it.  

When you take your shortcut and reach the higher direction number, most of the time the app will ask if you want to navigate from here (accept). 

The exception is if the direction number you are jumping to is almost on top of another direction (going the opposite way) then the app won't automatically jump ahead (otherwise it would do this by accident on the normal walk).  In this case, you'll need to start the walk manually from new direction (same approach as jumping to a lower direction number - see below).

 The app will then take you for the remainder of the walk to the end.  Job done.

Starting from part-way round the route

When splitting a longer walk into 2 shorter circular walks, one of those will start from the beginning (above) and the other one will involve starting part-way around.  

For the latter, the FAQ (also available under More Options on the home screen on the app), has some info on how to start a walk from part-way round.

Jumping to a lower direction number

Also if you're starting from a part-way around, you'll find that you need to jump across to a lower direction number when it's time to shortcut.

The app won't understand what you're up to so you'll need to manually tell it to start from the lower direction number:  
  • tap on the direction number on the map
  • then on the ☰ menu (top-right of the directions text)
  • then "Start from here"
You can also do the same on the direction screen using the ☰ menu next to the direction you want to start from.