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"Check for updates" vs "Restore Purchases"

On the "More options" menu of the app, there's a "Check for walk updates" option and on the home screen of the app there's a "Restore purchases" button.

As they are fairly similar, you may wonder what the difference is. Each has a subtly different purpose.

"Check for walk updates" is normally the one you want. It will check:
  • For any walks purchased on another device on the same platform into the same Apple ID (Apple) or Google Account (Android)
  • For any purchases from this device delayed with Apple/Google that haven't been delivered to the app yet
  • For each of the walks in My Walks, whether any updates to the walk content are available

"Restore purchases" is a belt-and-braces for things "check for walk updates" won't fix. It gets a list of everything from Apple or Google and then re-downloads all your walks in My Walk again, regardless of whether each is up-to-date.  If a walk gets corrupted on the device (e.g. the device runs out of storage or iWalk Cornwall app data is accidentally deleted by a cleaner app), this replaces it with a fresh copy.

One pip short of a fruit?

You may wonder why "Restore Purchases" is on the home screen of the app if it's the less-common case. 

The main one is that Apple will reject the app from the App Store if it isn't.  Apple actually have 2 completely different mechanisms for the 2 cases so this is partly a historical thing (originally there was only Restore Purchases, and old devices such as the iPhone 4 only support Restore Purchases).

"Check for walk updates" is run automatically when the app starts so most of the time you won't need to run it manually.  The option on the menu is there to save having to exit/re-run the app if you are waiting for an update.