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Quieter walks

By using data about which walks have been downloaded, we've created a mechanism to help distribute people across our circular walks in Cornwall to assist with social distancing and footpath wear.

We've done this by starting with a list of walks in generally quieter locations and then combining this with some automated spreading mechanisms so that there isn't a rush on a particular walk:

  • The starting point is a list of walks which are off the beaten track
  • These are shuffled into a different random order for every person to reduce the chances of any flocking on any one walk
  • Anything that starts to float up into the most downloaded walks over the last 7 days is automatically removed from the list until it quietens down

It's also worth noting that the circular routes are written in a single direction only so the chances of meeting people walking in the opposite direction is minimised.

Note that being in rural locations:

  • from June onwards, the footpaths may get overgrown in places so secateurs are recommended to help keep the paths clear for other people.
  • many of these will be muddy during the winter months so wellies are advisable until the fields have dried out sufficiently for walking boots.

The ever-changing list is at: