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The changing seasons

You might have noticed that the natural history information in the iWalk Cornwall app is not only relevant to where you are on the walk but also what time of the year you are there.  

If you've done some walks in May you might have noticed some wild garlic and bluebell facts.  Now these plants are dying back, the facts in the walks have now been replaced by other things, which may themselves change again later in the year.

As we go back to re-check the walks, we're continually adding more seasonal layers so the richness and subtlety will continue to increase over time, even for walks you bought several years ago.  We're also learning about new things all the time ourselves so we'll be sharing this within the walks.

Also to help with planning a walk for a different time of the year (e.g. for a holiday) or to just find out more about the natural history, there's an option on the settings screen to display the points of interest for all seasons.  This will then show the full list on the summary screen (not just the ones that are currently in season).

We hope you'll get as much enjoyment from the dynamics of the changing seasons as we do.   Even after this almost every week for 10 years, I still find it pretty amazing just how much variation there is and I hope we manage to share some of that.