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Review: Northwest Territory Peak walking boots

The "Peak" walking boots by Northwest Territory come in both leather and nubuck (suede) finishes.   As this is a blog about walking in muddy places, we're reviewing the leather ones here.  

These are budget leather waterproof walking boots comparable to the HiTec Eurohike or Trespass Walker boots.  As with similar boots from rival brands, they need very little "breaking in" and are comfortable in all seasons.

Compared to other brands, the laces are a bit on the thin side, however, in practice they seem strong enough and we've had no problem with them breaking.  A spare pair of laces are included with the boots which is nice.

Aesthetically, when first taken out of the box they possibly look a bit cheaper than competing brands but in real-world use they seem to hold up just as well.  After a few months of heavy use, this is how they are looking:

The all-important waterproofing seems solid and has held up fine over several months of constant use.  

So far, they seem less prone to the outer layer peeling off than the other boots we've tested (this happened most quickly on Trespass Walker boots but eventually on the HiTec Eurohike boots too).  

The metal lace fasteners also seem fairly solid which we've had problems with in the past on HiTec boots (although the most recent generation of those seem better).

In terms of grip, they seem fairly similar to the others - as with tyres there's a tradeoff between long-lasting and grippy (the 1st generation HiTec Eurohikes had amazing grip but I literally wore the soles away, the 2nd generation Eurohikes had hard Vibram which lasted ages but at the cost of very poor grip).